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Embrace revolutionary

At Cynnovative, we never settle for conventional solutions. Our team thrives on tough problems, tight timelines, and the thrill of what’s next.


We bring new ways of thinking to persistent problems in information and computer networks, generating results that are always one step ahead. We approach these persistent problems with automation as a first-class concern. If a solution can't be automated, we believe that solution is insufficient.


We mesh classical statistics, machine learning, and advanced AI, allowing computers and their human operators to achieve what is otherwise impossible.


We are nimble and responsive, building prototypes and delivering value within timelines others simply cannot match. Our development cycle prioritizes rapid research in order to enable rapid responses to stakeholder feedback.

Case Study

Standard methods for fingerprinting IoT and ICS devices can be slow, noisy, and ineffective. That’s why Cynnovative developed a DARPA-funded tool to enable intelligent fingerprinting for faster, more accurate characterization of network infrastructure and the devices that lie within.

Case Study

Codepile is a single repository for source code, binary data and everything in between (think abstract syntax trees and other intermediate representations). Because Codepile was built with a research focus from the beginning, it’s tailored to support a variety of research activities such as tracking down bugs, software characterization, vulnerability research and machine learning model training.

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We're looking for the best engineers and scientists to work on small, agile teams to deliver revolutionary solutions to some of the hardest problems in cyber and data science.

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