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Cynnovative team members work directly with customers on small, agile teams to deliver revolutionary solutions to some of the hardest problems in cyber and data science. We believe that outstanding technical results come from empowering the best and brightest engineers and scientists to follow their own ideas and research interests. That’s why Cynnovative rewards initiative, teamwork, and outstanding technical results.

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Cynnovative promotes work schedules and a work/life balance necessary to perform deep work. We are committed to the idea that success is impossible without communication and collaboration practices that minimize distraction, and we have organized the company to give our team members the time and resources to enrich their lives when they are not working.


Innovation takes time. That’s why we devote 10% of our work schedule to learning something new – learning a new area of statistics or Machine Learning, or building a side project and learning a new set of software tools along the way. We share what we learn at weekly, company-wide Show-and-Tell sessions.


Cynnovative provides one of the best benefits packages available in today's market, one designed to reward, safeguard, and nurture our employees and their families.


Cynnovative is committed to providing employees with the attention, collegial work environment, and resources to grow professionally. Your personal and professional growth is essential to our collective success. We believe in the value of working hard and having fun in a supportive, collegial environment where everyone is treated as a peer.

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What Our Team Members Love About Cynnovative

"At Cynnovative, I'm free to follow my curiosity and interests. I get as much opportunity as I want to do really cool stuff within a supportive environment."

"Cynnovative offers the stability of a government contractor with the culture and attitude of a small software startup. It's the best of both worlds."

"The work is cutting-edge, challenging, and fun. There's a lot of room for creative problem-solving. This is a great place for anyone who wants to continually up their game."

"At Cynnovative, I learn something new every day. And I get the freedom to solve tough problems in the best way I know how."

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We're looking for the best engineers and scientists to work on small, agile teams to deliver revolutionary solutions to some of the hardest problems in cyber and data science.

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